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Who we are

Kulczyk Investments is an international investment company, focused on investment opportunities in global emerging markets. The company’s chosen strategic industries are mineral resources, energy, infrastructure, chemical industry and real estate. Kulczyk Investments was formed on the back of Kulczyk Holding, a group of fast-growing businesses, which, since 1991, have played an active role in the transformation of the Polish economy.

Kulczyk Investments is the only company of Polish origin to act globally. It invested in key sectors for many years, gaining unique experience and knowledge. The company’s founder, Jan Kulczyk, participated in some of the largest deals and shareholding restructurings in Poland as well as having instigated major projects of his own.

Poland’s entry into the EU was a highly significant milestone in the history of Kulczyk Holding. It was among the few pioneers which had the drive to bring the invaluable experience gained in Central and Eastern Europe to the international arena. In 2007, the Group was reorganized and Kulczyk Investments was formed.

Kulczyk Investments is headquartered in Luxembourg with offices in London and Kyiv. Warsaw continues to be Kulczyk Holding's headquarters as well as one of its leading operational centres.